Services Offered​

Journey to the Cloud

DeepAutomate now allows you to have a single platform view of all your supply chain systems, whether they are on an ERP or on multiple disparate systems like Warehouse Management Systems(WMS), Order management systems (OMS), Transportation systems (TMS), Yard Management, Track and Trace etc. Have a single cohesive connected platform that is intelligent which works to analyze the downstream impacts of every decision, make optimal network choices and have your supply chain work as a cohesive force through your procurement, planning, manufacturing, transportation and distribution systems. Go one step further as you integrate your systems tightly and take actions directly on the DeepAutomate platform that synchronizes actions on the underlying systems. The platform enables aggregated view of operations for Management oversight of the entire supply chain network as well as helps the operations team to deep dive into specific issues or exceptions that require attention. DeepAutomate platform is built on the philosophy of enabling you to build your own autonomous supply chain , making operational data visible at real time thereby helping you to view the health of your organization, AI assisted decision making and gives you a  single platform where you can take actions to have your supply chain run as a well oiled engine.

Carrier Performance

Lower your Third party carrier costs by effective monitoring of their performance against KPI’s and go further by using AI tools that help you select both primary and secondary carrier’s to make optimal spend decisions. Integration of track and trace helps you analyze at real time where your freight is at real time.

Warehouse Command Center

Get a ring side view of all your warehouse operations at real time and take actions on our command center to adjust all your inbound, outbound and internal warehouse operations. You can deep dive into a particular warehouse and also zoom out to get a holistic picture of overall operational efficiency .

AI powered Digital Assistant

Get your own personalized digital assistant(Vanessa BOT)  powered by GenAI, that answers your queries and gives you all the insights you need to know on all your supply chain operations, let go of all the spreadsheets and dashboards make your AI bot give you targeted information that makes you focus on real supply chain issues that you need to focus on.

Customer Returns

Acquire deep insights into your customer returns, either by customers , products , place or a variety of other criteria that will help you minimize customer returns thus reducing your reverse logistics and also avoiding customer credits.

Shipment tracking

Whether your shipments are on road , air or water, have the ability to accurately track them , link them to pending deliveries and orders and action them against your custom rules to minimize effects of delays. Get insights into cross border shipments and plan for higher metrics like OTIF.