Supply Chain Orchestrator

Use Case

Supply chain operations involves many moving parts. They are multiple systems and processes in action like Warehouses, Carrier’s , systems to manage orders, customer returns, tracking orders and goods etc. All Enterprises strive to have operational efficiency into each silo’ed operation. As productivity gains reach a plateau in each operational area over a period, real gains can be got by having a ring side view of the entire network and “chaining” the network so that both upstream and downstream functions operate as one cohesive unit. DeepAutomate gives you one single platform to view, get alerts for exceptions and take automated actions that help raise the bar for your customers.


DeepAutomate integrates tightly with your underling operational systems and gets information at real time. End users can configure their own IntelliAlert engine to get specific alerts that need their attention based on parameters that they choose. Work on truly “RED” exceptions where the platform gives you specific causes for the exception. Go one step further by taking recommended actions in DeepAutomate platform that pinpoint issues. DeepAutomate plugs into your existing supply chain systems, analyses and takes actions. Due to its plug and play nature of the platform, you can choose which solution fits your purpose and also bring in additional services that will enhance your supply chain delivery.